11-14th November 2014
Hanover, Germany

The technical programme of EuroTier

As organiser of EuroTier, the DLG with its agricultural expertise and active networking with other partners in this sector guarantees a top-flight technical programme:

You will find a large number of Forums / discussion panels on topical questions connected with the husbandry of the individual animal species (Aquaculture, Poultry, Cattle, Pig) located close to the technology exhibits of the exhibitors – largely with simultaneous German/ English interpreting.

A series of concentrated Specials (shows within the show) explore future-oriented topics in depth in special areas within the halls in close cooperation with exhibitors.

The TopTierTreff (presentation of top cattle) is a must for all cattle breeders. The presentations of offspring groups in the main dairy and beef cattle breeds provide you with assistance in selecting the right top genetics for your own farm.

Conferences and Congresses within EuroTier.


EnergyDecentral is firmly established as a part of EuroTier. Click here so view the technical programme at EnergyDecentral. more...

Fachprogramm Bioenergie