11-14th November 2014
Hanover, Germany

Children at EuroTier / EnergyDecentral

A visit to EuroTier/EnergyDecentral is always an exciting experience for children – whether big or small. Below are a few tips and suggestions to help reduce stress for kids and their parents:

Up to the age of 13 children accompanied by adults can enter the exhibition free of charge. Children aged 13 and more pay the student price.

EuroTier-Kid lanyard ribbon
This will help you to find your child quickly if you become separated. The EuroTier-Kid lanyard ribbon is available free of charge at all entrances at the service point, at the DLG stand and at DLG Verlag stands.

How does it work?
A plastic sleeve is secured to the lanyard. With the lanyard you will be given a card to complete. Please enter the name of your child and your mobile phone number on this card and insert it in the plastic sleeve. There is a perforated strip enabling you to tear off one end of the card. This slip contains the most important telephone numbers and information concerning children at EuroTier and is meant for you. Please tear it off and keep it for emergencies. If you become separated from your child in the throngs of visitors, please contact our child hotline at once. Our child hotline coordinates all the avenues leading to your child being found and brought back.

Junior Club

Would you like to spend a few hours looking at EuroTier/EnergyDecentral on your own, or do you need to conduct important talks? The EuroTier Junior Club will provide loving care for your children between the ages of 3 and 12. There is a lot for the kids to do here – e.g. safety training with a pedal tractor, children's make-up, painting competitions and a video corner. It is open throughout the exhibition daily from 10:00 – 17:00 h. Please note that the number of places available is limited.

Changing rooms and mothers’ rooms:

If you are looking for a quiet place to change your infant's nappy or feed your baby, we have three mothers’ and changing rooms at EuroTier:

1. Convention Center (CC) (near the EuroTier Junior Club)
2. Entrance West 1 (room 217)
3. Entrance Nord 1 (in the medical post)